Introduction to Aeternal TV and Aeternal Cloud

Welcome to AETERNAL™ Television and powered by the AETERNAL CLOUD ™ UHDTV ™ Network. We are creating the first decentralized full-stack Interactive Media CDN with distributed Wi-Fi Mesh Internet Access Portals which will be incentivized and monetized through rewards and sponsorship advertisements. Our Global Clustering Cloud Compute Internet/Intranet Wi-Fi Mesh Network platform is designed to become a resilient decentralized intranet or Local Area and Wide Area Networks that are connected to the internet to be used as a Utility power by Green Energy. Our core mission is to support build and implement social and environmentally responsible technologies and projects that can be funded through donations, equity crowdfunding, and private equity investment, primarily through our licensing, membership, and reseller distribution divisions and packages. We are creating localized decentralized technology systems of Governance and economic stabilization models to provide high-paying incentivized education, job training, and job creation around the core green model of building zero carbon emission infrastructure project initiatives that are community-oriented and community-driven which model after nature using environmentally friendly green practices of reduce reuse and recycle across all tech and industrial manufacturing industries. This new model will empower and pave the pathway to healthier living. Over time lead to thriving vibrant communities, cities, and countries, which are autonomous decentralized self-sufficient localized economies with harmonious prosperity for everyone improving social equity and education and the quality of life for everyone around the World.

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        The Current Global Problems: Destruction of life, Non-Action, Poor Education, Droughts, Climate Change, Toxic Air, Toxic Water, Toxic Oceans, Toxic Governance, and Negligence is leading straight to Global Collapse.  Many toxic systems ultimately will fail.  Even though these technologies have been used for a long time, the damage it has inflicted on all life on the planet is irreversible and all life is paying the consequences for many generations to come. Energy, water, food, housing, and shortages combined with a lack of quality cutting-edge education systems are causing destabilization across the World.

        Conflict, Separation, Suppression, and Negligence are not the answer: If we follow the principles of nature, it is possible to correct the dysfunctional human-created systems that are failing all of humanity by modeling after nature and its natural biological processes.  Learning and following nature’s brilliance will teach us all how to be in harmony with the natural Universal laws which shall in turn teach us how to partially manage keeping the earth and our lifestyles in conscious love, beauty, and peace.

        Our Collective Solutions: This process begins with education in overall mental and physical health education, removing harmful thoughts, detoxing our bodies and minds, and cleaning up our bodies and the environment. Begin retraining ourselves to live healthier by thinking and eating healthier and using technologies and projects that are not harmful to others and the environment.  Implement self-sustaining project sites by using renewable power, air-to-water generation, water treatment systems, smart organic food cultivation, smart and clean processing, packaging, and decentralized secured community networks and global networked communications, and eco-building divisions for our housing and structural manufacturing division for projects and people in need. AETERNAL TV aims to provide Holistic Sustainable Infrastructure and training in an exciting and new way working with visionary artists, scientists, and teachers so education becomes more engaging and exciting by introducing new ways of teaching and learning by integrating advanced technologies, with natural organic holistic health care practices, green and eco-friendly technologies and practices, environmental education, cultural empowerment, historical preservation, combined with entertainment and music production, creative art expressions, high technology research and development, engineering with automated management, production, and manufacturing which all will be combined to create a new paradigm of education and a collective and creative workforce for all.


        Our Core Technology Service Stack

        We will be rolling out VR AR Crowdfunding Gamified Events through AETERNAL TV around the World.  Each Community or City comes equipped with the best renewable energy, cloud computing, communications, indoor food farming, extraction processing, manufacturing, and packaging options.  The facilities provide medical treatment, advanced healing, clean energy, clean structured water, organic food, high-speed telecommunications, advanced education, television, and banking, which can be deployed to remote regions of the World. Our buildings can be hardened to withstand Category 4 + 5 hurricanes, fires, EMP attacks, and solar flares, and our buildings can be customized with armored bulletproof layers with various camouflage and cloaking capabilities where needed. Our Oasis Sanctuaries and AETERNAL TV and distributed systems are designed to provide water, food, energy, and communications, which will provide a stable micro economy and security in communities and cities around the World. Our flagship building is our premier Hybrid Greenhouse which is the perfect solution for producing totally organic non-GMO veggies, greens, super-foods, and cannabis, in the harshest conditions in the World.
        We also provide an array of turnkey technologies for the farming industry. We plan to continually develop and evolve a more comprehensive professional ecosystem within the global food chain, by providing highly efficient indestructible OASIS facilities. Our indoor farms reduce the cost of power, water, and nutrients, by over 50% to 70%, while maximizing space and producing the highest quality organic products and customer service available in the industry today.


        Our Holistic Sustainable Economic Models

        The power of our 9 areas of sustainability creates holistic synergies that result in greater efficiency, functionality, and profitability.   We call this “Holistic Sustainable Economics”

        Our Holistic Ecosystems and Economic framework are based upon sacred geometry mathematics and harmonics which model after the Natural Universal systems.

        Water Systems, Water Management – Implement multi-stage water purification, accompanied by a Clean Water Act that removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride from the water supply.

        Health and Environmental Hazard Risk Reduction – Identify health and environmental hazards and develop technologies that clean up our environment and bodies.

        Clean Renewable Energy – Sustainable power from solar, wind, biomass, and hydro.

        Healthy Affordable Housing – Low-cost energy efficient durable shelters for temporary, semi-permanent, and long-term housing.

        Organic Locally Grown Food – Develop and cultivate our organic local agriculture and farming techniques.

        Communication & Technology – Develop training in High tech education to accelerate our high-tech understanding so we can adapt to the technology age.

        Waste Recovery & Sanitation – Address smarter, more efficient ways to improve how communities deal with the trash problem.

        Interactive Education & Visionary Arts – Teach holistic ecosystems based on principles like, reduce, reuse, recycle, holistic health, holistic agriculture, arts, healing arts, clean high technologies, energetics, culture, and science.

        Science & Harmonic Alchemy – Develop and build a place where science and spirituality converge to unravel the greatest knowledge and mysteries and develop platforms that can teach the public advanced knowledge quickly.



        Sustainable & Community Development Projects: Develop model programs, applied research, seminars, workshops, and activities that demonstrate sustainable community development that promotes a community’s social, economic, and environmental well-being.

        Such model programs often incorporate multifaceted themed projects:

        • Individual and community well-being; Community social interaction and self-determination;
        • Community service and volunteer programs; Environmental justice; Environmental education;
        • Community awareness in energy, sustainability, and recycling;
        • Cultural and architectural resources protection; Public-private partnerships;
        • Creative expression through multi-media production.

        Facilitate communication among; public government agencies, non-government organizations, and businesses that develop and promote environmentally sustainable models which can be replicated by other communities.

        Develop cultural studies, and projects that foster and model sustainable economics; in agriculture, natural resources, and ecotourism which can be integrated within environmentally sustainable community development models.

        Provide technical assistance to facilitate; the development of environmentally sustainable housing, agricultural, economic development, and community development projects. Such assistance will include aid in project design, strategic planning, program financing access to grants, and environmental impact assessments related to such models.

        Serve as a sustainable media resource for; cooperative community networking through the implementation of teleconferencing and broadcasting internet media solutions.

        Provide online educational resources for; information and written material on matters related to environmentally sustainable community development and individual and community wellness and well-being and serve as a vehicle through which member organizations share relevant information.

        Engage in public education activities; designed to better inform the local, domestic, and international community on matters relating to the development of environmentally sustainable communities. Develop and promote models of sustainable community development that integrate environmental education, social and economic development, and individual physical, mental and spiritual health, and well-being.

        Sustainable Awareness Education: Create opportunities to learn about sustainable principles and practices. Promote awareness about sustainable development best practices through seminars, workshops, and collaborations with government, non-government organizations, and private businesses.

        Promote educational programs through; academic training, field studies and applied research projects, and student internship programs that engage students in sustainable development education. Collaborate with domestic and international institutions of higher education to accomplish this objective.

        Affordable housing development models; Identify, collaborate, and design with each local community what type of housing models each community would like to have built into their community.  Then once the model the community likes is identified then we will put on interactive celebrity awareness events which will pay forward every project forward.

        Sustainable Assessment and Accountability Development; Building technical management teams which will learn to use the latest software tools to monitor our government’s and island’s progress toward long-term sustainability. Sustainable Action Coalition Foster dialogue among all County departments and develop and implement appropriate policies, strategies, and programs Interactive Community Integration and Participation Interact and inform our communities on how to form cooperative alliances and relationships for the creation of new economic self-sustaining models with true accountability and participation in the new Eco-Tech Industries.


        Our Projects and Services Include:

        Sustainability Network: Assist marginalized local rural communities by creating programs and projects utilizing concepts of sustainability, self-sufficiency, renewability, and recycling. Establish a network of local organizations and individuals whose mission and methods are consistent with a philosophy of respect for (land, water, and all-natural resources), both in terms of the impact on our island and also on the global ecosystem. We are conceiving, developing, and implementing culturally appropriate and economically viable forms of sustainable community development.

        The project partners are nonprofit organizations from each of the participating communities.  University course creation and formations and partnerships, Rainforest Preservation and Reforestation Projects, Endangered Species Projects, and Sustainable Projects. Institutional supporters will include Universities and Colleges from multiple States.

        Guide and create economic empowerment and development: By creating opportunities through projects that;

        1) advance economic, environmental, and social equity in communities,

        2) reflect the common values, traditions, needs, and expectations of local communities, and

        3) promote the interests of the local people, especially advancing the efforts of youth participating actively in community development projects.
        Our technical Services: We provide renewable power, water systems, internet, data and communication systems, technical training, technical maintenance and assistance, and strategic planning services to the public.

        We assist corporations, government, and nonprofit organizations in transitioning to a modern and sustainable future by focusing on creating a cooperative network of experts that will facilitate and train students and organizations.

        Youth Exchange Program: We will be collaborating and partnering with Universities and Institutes to model sustainable and high-tech projects for attracting youth from around the World, the U.S. mainland, and other nations. Our students will live and work on designing communities and Cities that model principle of economic, social, and ecological well-being. We expect to expand this program during the next several years.

        Environmental Education Summer University Seminars: We intend to find sponsors for environmental, sustainable, and high-tech events, education workshops, and installation projects. The seminars target educators throughout the Big Island and explore current topics in environmental education and sustainable development. Seminars are co-sponsored by Island Vortex Studio. The meetings target current topics in environmental education and sustainable development. Seminars will be paid for by our Sponsors and each event and project will be open for donations, crowdfunding and investments.

        Promotion of Ecotourism: We seek to establish our Aeternal University and Resort destinations across the U.S. starting on the Island of Hawaii as a leading center of ecotourism with associated tourism including themes of eco-awareness tourism, Agri-tourism, nature adventure tourism, outdoor fitness, and wellness tourism.

        If you would like to either become a subscription-based UHDTV Channel partner user member, licensed distributor-reseller, or our OSIRA Cloud SAAS Software As A Service Stack, or if you are a University or Venue owner or if you simply need help in developing any type of media and event venue and you would like to integrate the latest greatest interactive media streaming and with integrated publishing, branding graphics and content creation fell free to email us at or click our contact on the right of the top menu form to leave us a message and we will be happy to get back to you at our earliest convenience.

        Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving all of your audio-visual media technology needs!
        We look forward to working with you all!

        Zion Estes

        Founder of AETERNAL TV ™ and PHYTOS LLC
        Founder, Producer, and Creator of AETERNAL TV ™, AETERNAL CLOUD ™, and UHDTV ™ Network
        If you are interested in joining our movement and sponsoring our network please feel free to email us at