AETERNAL Movement & Global Humanitarian Project

Welcome to AETERNAL™, AETERNAL TV™, Global Humanitarian Project. Here at AETERNAL™ we like to remind ourselves of the beauty and harmony that nature creates and that we must all collectively learn to follow the natural laws of the Earth and the Universe from which all life emerges. AETERNAL is a socially, and ecologically responsible, high-technology design and project manifestation organization. AETERNAL™ platform (model & system) was formed to build sustainability models, and regenerative self-education self-healing communities, while promoting overall individual well-being in Communities and Cities across the U.S. and around the world.

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        Our Mission

        Our mission is to design, build, deploy, and manage socially and environmentally responsible technologies and projects that can be funded through project donation pools, equity crowdfunding, and private equity investment, and primarily through our licensing, membership packages, and reseller distribution divisions. We are creating localized decentralized technology systems of Governance and economic stabilization models to provide high-paying incentivized education, job training, and job creation around the core green model of building zero carbon emission infrastructure project initiatives that are community-oriented and community-driven which model after nature using environmentally friendly green practices of reduce reuse and recycle across all tech and industrial manufacturing industries. This new model will empower and pave the pathway to healthier living. Over time lead to thriving vibrant communities, cities, and countries, which are autonomous decentralized self-sufficient localized economies with harmonious prosperity for everyone improving social equity and education and the quality of life for everyone around the World.


        AETERNAL™, AETERAL TV™ is powered by the AETERNAL CLOUD™ Network. We are creating the first decentralized full-stack Interactive Media CDN with distributed Wi-Fi Mesh Internet Access Portals which will be incentivized and monetized through rewards and sponsorship advertisements. Our Global Clustering Cloud Compute Wi-Fi Mesh Network Internet Access platform is designed to eventually become a resilient renewable powered decentralized internet. Our Wi-Fi internet Access Portal can also be used as an intranet local area network that can provide underserved communities and city regions with last-mile edge data center compute services such as hosting, virtual servers, websites, apps, all forms of media and content delivery to voice over internet protocol communications while providing long range Wi-Fi connectivity using the latest Wi-Fi standards with redundant Satellite-based uplinks connectivity which provide internet connectivity remote regions around the World. Our new internet hub can provide critical cloud application environment management systems and solutions for industrial manufacturing, sustainable communities, and farm crop cultivation, processing, packaging tracking analytics, to automation, to providing Smart Energy metering analytics, management and load balancing of distributed micro renewable energy power generation and storage stations across communities or entire cities.

        We can also deploy solar battery electric vehicle charging stations which can provide additional energy and data communications network support to remote regions and in ween communities and cities. We can also install solar and battery-powered streetlights with an array of earth, weather, ai robot learning autonomous automation, gunshot detection sensor with cameras that can help to keep our communities safe with emergency warning systems that can send messages to necessary authorities and communities so everyone if informed in real time about any potential man, made or natural disaster threats that can affect any area. or and types of detectors to backup power stations for communications, and emergency energy backup systems with load balancing, and load distribution capabilities that can be spread across communities and even cities.

        In the long term by adopting this Smart Edge Communication network we are collectively establishing a localized decentralized internet technology network model that will provide Smart IOT management layers and later local community-is driven Governance which can help to enable more efficient micro and macroeconomic real-time predictive analysis models that can help to predict future weather patterns and climate threat mitigation as well demographic predictive modeling alongside sustainable economic modeling using green technologies with the core principals of keeping our communities safe, clean, and green by simply planting more local gardens and trees along roadways and parks and researching what are the best green practices for local businesses to follow and what are the best local native plants and trees to be planted in each local community.

        Green Holistic Ecosystems

        Our eco-friendly models will help us all be more aware about what we consume and use in our daily lives. If we can all contribute to eating, thinking, and living healthier this can bring about new thriving social and economic stabilization which can be designed to provide incentivized education, job training, competitions, events, and job creation around core principals of living cleaner greener and healthier.

        We also plan to develop a new green technology building, learning, and development platform to research all the latest green net zero homes and structures which can provide a lower-cost building incentive program that can create many new opportunities and jobs for all communities around the World. At the foundation of the green building, hemp can be one of the leading green carbon-sequestering plants and eco-building materials that are economically viable and sustainable.

        Each green project initiative and project can be focused on being community-driven where relationship building in local communities will in turn empower community members with knowledge tool sets so they can better be prepared on how to design, manage, and created their own projects to collectively direct the future of each community and how those communities are developed moving forward.

        At the core of our technology and building manufacturing, we are designing and modeling our projects around natural, harmonic, and electromagnetic design principles with a major focus on understanding the use of harmonic frequencies, sacred geometries, and crystalline superconductive material sciences and technologies with our design and manufacturing processes.

        All our technologies and sustainable buildings will be harmonically resonant where possibly while being eco-friendly for the environment, nontoxic, and living by using crystalline structures in certain aspects and layers of each project site. We always consider the basic principles of reducing consumption and using natural and crystalline materials when economically possible, while also being aware of the recycling or biodegradability of the material being considered for each project site.

        Our Green Holistic Ecosystems

        are designed and tuned to work in harmony with nature which shall excite and empower all our team members to build new harmonious pathways of working together while providing a healthier lifestyle to manifest thriving and vibrant communities and cities around the World.

        As our core ecosystems are implemented, we can then begin to create autonomous decentralized self-sufficient and self-healing, and regenerative communities to improve social equity and education and the quality of life for everyone around the World where everyone has access and the ability to design and manifest their dreams for their environment and community.

        Our Collective Solutions: This process begins with our collective education in learning about our individual mental and physical health, removing harmful thoughts, detoxing our bodies, and cleaning up our local environment. Begin retraining ourselves to live healthier by thinking and eating healthier, using technologies, and working on projects that are not harmful to others or the environment. Implement self-sustaining project sites using renewable power, air-to-water generation, water treatment systems, smart organic food cultivation, smart and clean processing, packaging, decentralized secured community networks and global networked communications, and eco-building divisions for our housing and structural manufacturing division for projects and people in need.

        AETERNAL TV aims to provide Green Holistic Sustainable Infrastructure and training in an exciting and new way working with visionary artists, scientists, and teachers so education becomes more engaging and exciting by introducing new ways of teaching and learning by integrating advanced technologies, with natural organic holistic health care practices, green and eco-friendly technologies, and practices, environmental education, cultural empowerment, historical preservation, combined with entertainment and music production, creative art expressions, high technology research and development, engineering with automated management, production, and manufacturing which all will be combined to create a new paradigm of education and a collective and creative workforce for all.

        Green Holistic Ecosystem Models

        Are Developed Around 9 Core Areas of sustainability which offers a base foundation to creating holistic ecosystems that could result in greater community development management efficiency, functionality, and profitability by bringing down costs by producing food, water, energy, education, job training and data management locally within each community. We call this “Green Holistic Thriving Economics

        Our Green Holistic Ecosystems – Is a fully Decentralized Global Social-Ecological and Economic Development model of consciousness and high technologies infused framework that is being designed with powerful loving harmonious heartfelt intention, using sacred knowledge, sciences, sacred geometry, musical harmonies, sacred mathematics, which model after the Earth and its Natural living processes.

        Water Systems, Water Management – Implement multi-stage water purification, accompanied by a Clean Water Act that removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride from the water supply.

        Health and Environmental Hazard Risk Reduction – Identify health and environmental hazards and develop technologies that clean up our environment and bodies.

        Clean Renewable Energy – Sustainable power from solar, wind, biomass, and hydro.

        Healthy Affordable Housing – Low-cost, energy-efficient, durable shelters for temporary, semi-permanent, and long-term housing.

        Organic Locally Grown Food – Develop and cultivate our organic local agriculture and farming techniques.

        Communication & Technology – Develop training in High tech education to accelerate our high-tech understanding so we can adapt to the technology age.

        Waste Recovery & Sanitation – Address smarter, more efficient ways to improve how communities deal with the trash problem.

        Interactive Education & Visionary Arts – Teach holistic ecosystems based on principles like, reduce, reuse, recycle, holistic health, holistic agriculture, arts, healing arts, clean high technologies, energetics, culture, and science.

        Science & Harmonic Alchemy – Develop and build a place where science and spirituality converge to unravel the greatest knowledge and mysteries and develop platforms that can teach the public advanced knowledge quickly.

        The Aeternal service and process is powered through divine love and compassion for all life and this feeling of love and appreciation of our life begins with the realization of taking full responsibility for your individual actions within yourself as well as acting or creating positive responsible reactions on how you communicate with everyone and everything around you.

        This activated level of living and loving the reactions of the events and things in every moment will empower the emotional electrical connective feeling that integrates you into the essence of that experience at the atomic and subatomic resonant level where you can then find peace and happiness in the coherent participation true living vibrational Constance of thoughts and actions of what it will mean to become who you are and what you may perceive in each and every event perception.

        When you can let go of all the illusions in your mind, empty your heart, and feel the living life and love pulsing through you, this is the only sound that keeps the life alive on each breath. The sound of the breath and the sound of the Om embraced with the thought of loving, sensing, and listening to all things feeling the glory and beautiful radiance in all that is AETERNALLY.

        Once one can take responsibility for his or her actions then this becomes the first step to self-realization. To know and to have peace one must first embrace the full feeling of peace inside one’s heart and accept all the events and experiences that one receives with an open and soft heart. Letting the divine synchronicity of guidance of the ones who care and love you is the first step to beginning to have inner peace and this inner peace and love can then inspire a collective Global peace to emerge from the Aeternal infinite vibration of the coherent soft-hearted ones.

        We look forward to working with you on your next green project and we would love to hear from you have a wonderful and blessed day!

        Please feel free to send any inquiries to

        Aloha to everyone and stay tuned to and signup up here for future notifications and updates!

        Aloha from the Aeternal Team!