Cloud Livestreaming IPTV, Content Delivery, and IT Services

We provide renewable power generation and energy storage systems, power management systems, edge compute datacenters, Ultra HDTV services, wireless broadband Internet services, and interactive software and VR AR Immersive media in 4K, 8K, and 12K video resolutions across the World utilizing Ultra HDTV wireless data technology, satellite uplink, and downlink technologies, wireless internet antennas, repeaters, network operations, and grid cloud computing services. We provide a cutting-edge blazing-fast medium for communication, interactive multi-media, crypto mining, software and blockchain development, and business management cloud computing services over the internet.

We also offer targeted advertisements for regional businesses through our FCC Carrier UHDTV Channel Telco partners and National Ad Agencies.  Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art Touchless Hyper Secured Point of Sale check-out-kiosks over satellite, Wi-Fi, and wireless devices. Our interactive kiosk touchscreen systems will attract customers. For less than a dollar, locals and travelers can check emails, locate phone numbers, and look up directions on multiple online-mapping sites. They can also surf the net, as their time and budget allow. By accepting real money (coins and dollar bills), credit cards, and crypto-currencies we can catch the casual browser and the International traveler that has money to burn. We provide interactive e-commerce UHD television channels, with Wi-Fi Hotspot portals, LED and LCD Video Billboards, multi-platform software applications, and media cloud management platforms.

A range of Cloud Livestreming, VOD, and AVOD applications for  live streaming and video-on-demand content that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Broadcast (cable TV on optical networks/copper, satellite, terrestrial, etc.);
  • Camcorders;
  • Content production and distribution;
  • Digital cinema;
  • Home cinema;
  • Internet streaming, download, and play;
  • Medical imaging;
  • Mobile streaming, broadcast, and communications;
  • Real-time conversational services (videoconferencing, videophone, telepresence, etc.);
  • Remote video surveillance;
  • Storage media (optical disks, digital video tape recorder, etc.);
  • Wireless display.

What is IPTV or Internet Protocol Television?

Live Television: Watching a live broadcast of television or streaming video with minimum latency. For example, watching an Indian cricket match, British football (soccer), the results from a game show, etc. in real-time as it happens.

#2) Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Time-shifted television: It lets you watch TV shows that were originally broadcast a few hours back or some days ago, and then watch ongoing programs right when they’re broadcasted. You can view your favorite shows later even if you miss the original airing due to a lack of time at the time.

#3) Video on Demand (VOD): With this feature of internet protocol TV, users will have their collection of media files on their devices. They can browse and watch the files they want at any time by selecting them. This is a video streaming protocol with the unicast mode of transmission.

The following is a list of features that set internet TV programming apart:

  • This interactive television technology offers two-way communication with your viewers. It also lets the viewer choose what content to watch and when to watch it themselves.
  • For content providers, this means that the service is delivered based on demand. This can help conserve bandwidth by broadcasting only when end-users are watching.
  • You can watch the television service on many different devices, such as TV screens, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • The Mipidy project has support for many features, such as playing music on-demand, pausing/playing TV, and fast-forwarding to skip commercials. It also does weather information, multimedia playback, and more.
  • For those of you who are into broadcast marketing, the good news is that advertising can be done through IPTV. This means you can have your ads inserted into videos people watch online and they must watch a few seconds of it.

Our Revenue-Generating Services Include:

  • Data Center Co-Location
  • Distributed Infrastructure
  • High-Speed Internet WiFi Access Hubs
  • Distance Learning
  • Telehealth Medicine
  • Currency Exchange
  • VoIP Telephone
  • Interconnections with Large Key Data Centers
  • Archive and Preservation of Languages
  • Data Mining
  • Backup Data Servers
  • Redundant Communications Links
  • Digital and Analog Broadcast Services
  • Banking and Financial SAAS
  • Wi-Fi Portals
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Crypto, Fiat, and Commodity Exchanges
  • Mineral Metals and Ore Data Services
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Micro Grid Teleport Data Communications Centers
  • Graphene Solar Arrays with Graphene Energy Storage
  • POS Point of Sale Solutions
  • X-SMART Grid Power Teleport Stations
  • X-SMART Farm Cultivation, Farms, and Processing Packaging Facilities
  • X-Nano Fiber & Corona Virus Aid Organic Disinfectant Manufacturing Distribution Centers
  • Studios, Event Venue Design, and Installations
  • Audio Visual Event Production and Equipment Rental Solutions
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Cloud and Hosting Services
  • Wireless Internet Service and Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • UHDTV Live Streaming and Interactive Video Teleconferencing
  • White labeling of Super Food Drinks and Related Products
  • Online Website Video Platforms and Web store Solutions
  • Cloud Banking Solutions
  • POS and Payment Processing Solutions
  • The franchising, distributing and licensing

Our Advantages:

  • 4k & 8k FCC licenses to sell and deploy 10,000 UHDTV channels over cable television
  • Exempt Telecom Company FCC OVS 4K 8K UHDTV and Telco licenses
  • 0.5 to 1-gigabit fiber-optic speed Wi-Fi access points over cities
  • 16 Gigabit ATSC 3.0 Protocol Digital UHDTV Transmission and Internet Signal Over Cities
  • Membership subscription to Ultra Wi-Fi hotspot portals with UHDTV with rewards
  • Ad revenue share with all our end users & partners
  • Ultra HD Television shows based on our technologies and educational events  and competitions
  • Themed surreal Virtual and Augmented reality immersive streaming events and venues
  • Marketing using celebrity fan bases and millennials through interactive games and events
  • Portable data, food, water, energy, & wellness facilities
  • Custom UHDTV cloud management and distribution technologies
  • Cryptocurrency, tokens, and blockchain technologies and services

Additional Services & Advantages:

  • Network Licensing – We provide umbrella licenses for Telecom and Ultra HDTV broadcasting
  • Network Planning – Assessments, Equipment Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Site Acquisition under Partnerships
  • Network Design – Propagation Modeling, Network Architectures, Site Surveys, Channel Planning, Spectrum Sweeps, Link Budgets
  • Network Installation – Equipment Configuration, Installation, Tower Work, Testing, and Commissioning
  • Network Management – Optimization, Monitoring, Network Management, and Training
  • Application Integration – IoT Devices, Transportation, Video Surveillance, Parking, Meter Reading, SCADA