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        Built on OSIRA and AETERNAL CLOUD

        AETERNAL UNIVERSITY is Forming Alliance

        with Todd Enz of Illinois Hemp Farmers Association

        and And Larry Kimp of the Larry Love University

        Welcome Team Members, Legislators, Government Officials, and Supporters,

        Zion Estes Founder of PHYTOS LLC and OSIRA Cloud, Aeternal TV, Aeternal Cloud, and Aeternal University is developing a full scale Ultra High-Definition Hypermedia Global Cloud Environment and Virtual Reality Education Network with courses that will be available for our students via subscription service. We are teaming up with Todd Enz the Founder of Illinoi Hemp Farmers Association and Larry Kimp the Founder of the Larry Love University to provide a series of Virtual 3D avatar video introductory and college level courses in the fields of Smart Farming, Renewable Energy Systems, Cloud Compute, Livestreaming, Communications, Blockchain Technologies, Web 3 technologies, 3D Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality development, and Extended Reality environments. Additionally, we plan to produce courses in Hemp Building, Eco Building Science, 3D Printing, Smart City Design Development and Engineering just to name a few.

        Courses will be written by qualified teachers and experts which will then be converted into a video presented our team of 3D Avatars, this reduces overhead and enhances the quality of courses and education by allowing the educators to spend more time on focusing on building quality course curriculum for each topic. Virtual 3D Avatar Ai assisted education will provide many enhancements not only in education but across all industrial sectors including Government and Military and provides a solid foundation and alternative to the existing U.S. educational system while providing real-time AI assisted research and analysis to keep up to date with the constant changing economic, political, and climate environments around the World. Generally, in our course production process we design the curriculum and course then we convert the education course transcripts into 3D Avatar produced video courses and for large projects we can create entire 3D Gamified immersive realms, venues or environments which can be sponsored by our advertisers and donors.

        We can convert any course or education program or learning resource into a 3D avatar education course which can then be available on video in mp4 format which can be played with most media players in Windows Desktop or Mac OS. Mp4 videos can also be available to watch in our website platforms via pay per view, monthly, or yearly subscription service available in Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browsers. Our platform can enhance everything from managing and tracking data across Smart Cities, Communities, Farming, Logistics, Utilities, Government Departments and Agencies to providing business management, marketing, and app frameworks for media production, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and tracking.

        We look forward to working with you all to build out an amazing Interactive Media Cloud environment and with Globally coordinated focus groups who all have a common interest in making the World a better place for all. Feel free to reach out anytime. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

        Thank you we look forward to working with you all,

        Have a wonderful day!

        Zion Estes

        Founder and CEO/CTO

        Of OSIRA, AMARAKA,


        Serious Inquiries Please Email: info@aeternal.tv