AETERNAL™: Pioneer in UHD IPTV, Web Design-Hosting, Ultra-High-Speed Web Portals, and Next-Gen VR-AR-XR Multi-Verse Immersive Network & Ai Technologies

Our company delivers Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) services, leveraging renewable energy sources and employing advanced energy storage systems like graphene and lithium iron phosphate. Our power management solutions are integrated with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and specialized computers designed for 3D VR, edge computing, and crypto mining. These systems operate over ultra-high-speed hybrid networks, offering wireless broadband Internet services and supporting interactive software as well as VR/AR immersive media in 4K, 8K, and 12K video resolutions.

We utilize a global network infrastructure, combining UHDTV wireless data technology, satellite, 5G, 4GLTE, WiFi AX, AC, and other advanced communication technologies with uplink and downlink capabilities. Our services include wireless internet antennas, repeaters, and sophisticated network operations. Our services extend to grid and cloud computing, providing a fast, efficient medium for communication, multimedia interaction, crypto mining, software development, blockchain technology, and cloud-based business management.

Our cutting-edge, touchless, hyper-secure Point of Sale check-out kiosks operate via satellite, 5G, 4GLTE, WiFi AX, AC, and other wireless technologies, designed to attract and engage customers. These interactive kiosk touchscreen systems enable users to perform a variety of online activities such as checking emails, finding phone numbers, and navigating with online mapping tools. With flexible payment options including cash, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies, we cater to a diverse range of customers from residents to international travelers.

Our service portfolio also includes a variety of cloud live streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), and Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD) applications. These applications support a wide range of content and usage scenarios such as broadcast over various networks, content production and distribution, digital cinema, home cinema setups, internet streaming, medical imaging, mobile streaming, and communication, real-time conversational services, remote video surveillance, and various storage media technologies. Further, we provide interactive e-commerce UHDTV channels, Wi-Fi hotspot portals, LED and LCD video billboards, multi-platform software applications, and media cloud management platforms.

Services Include:

  1. UHD IPTV & Advanced Web Design and Hosting Services

    • Web Design & Hosting: Cpanel, WordPress Music, and Video Theme Web Design and Hosting with Cpanel and many automated web installers.
    • 4K UHDTV Streaming: AETERNAL™’s Demo Player offers Live HLS Streaming and VOD, integrating seamlessly with platforms like YouTube.
    • Strategic FCC-Approved Expansion: Consulting development and License Filling of FCC OVS and ATSC 3.0 UHDTV FCC licenses for national regional DMA Demographic Market Area network expansion.
    • Innovative Business Model: Over 500 channels in 4K & 8K HDR resolution, including specialized channels for emergency and disaster recovery.
  2. Hybrid Ultra High-Speed WebPortals

    • Resilient and Renewable Powered: Ultra-fast WebPortals powered by renewable energy, ensuring sustainable digital experiences.
    • Advanced Integration Services: Innovative integrations, including video, radio, and ad services with portals like EcoSmartCities and Amaraka™.
    • Scalable UHDTV Scheduling & Cloud Hosting: Scalable CDN Live Streaming and Scheduler packages for diverse broadcasting needs.
  3. CDN Distribution and Syndication

    • Superior Streaming and Hosting Platform: Advanced clustering and load-balancing for optimal 4K streaming, including YouTube content integration.
  4. Production & VR AR XR Immersive 3D Venues Built in Unreal Engine 5.1+AI-Powered AV Production & Image Processing: Leading-edge production and processing technologies.

    • AETERNAL™ Venues: Design, Installation, and Licensing of our Multi-Dimensional VR-AR-XR Projection and Illumination experiences.
    • Comprehensive Film Development and Production: Covering all stages from conceptualization to final production.
  5. AETERNAL Advertising Service

    • Standard Digital Logo and Video Logo Ads: Integration into LED and OLED Video Projection Digital Signage Systems.
    • Innovative Advertising with NFTs: Unique digital asset-based advertising strategies.
    • Engagement Through Digital Collectibles: Exclusive NFTs for brand promotion.
    • Tailored NFT Strategies with Blockchain Integration: Secure, transparent advertising solutions.
    • Digital Signage Integration: Incorporating LED, OLED, and Holographic Displays with QR Code link-backs to advertisers, enhancing interactive advertising experiences.
    • IoT Network Integration for Advertising: Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology in advertising for improved efficiency and data-driven insights.
  6. Branding, Logo Design, NFT Ad Tokenization & 3D Content Creation

    • Custom Logo Brand Development: Creating impactful logos and brand identities.
    • NFT Tokenization of all sorts: for in-game rewards, in IPTV NFT Ads, and NFT Digital Ads in Digital Display and Billboard Ads.
    • 3D Logo and Video Content Creation: High-quality 3D content using advanced technology.
  7. Enhanced Digital Services

    • Comprehensive Digital Solutions: Ethereum Dapp Design, Tokenization, application interface design.
    • Advanced SEO AI & Marketing Management Solutions: Enhancing online strategy and presence.
    • IoT Network and Logistics Solutions: Incorporating IoT technology for network and logistics management, enhancing operational efficiency and connectivity.
  8. Applications for Cloud Live Streaming, VOD, and AVOD

    • Broadcast: Distribution of content across various mediums, including cable TV, optical networks, satellite, and terrestrial systems.
    • Camcorders: Facilitating content creation and distribution, integrating with cloud services for storage.
    • Content Production and Distribution: Leveraging cloud computing for efficient content creation and distribution.
    • Digital Cinema: Production and projection of digital movies, encompassing both creation and viewing aspects.
    • Home Cinema: High-quality audio-visual content enjoyment in a home environment.
    • Internet Streaming, Download, and Play: Comprehensive online media experience for streaming, downloading, and playing content.
    • Medical Imaging: Utilizing cloud services for storing, processing, or transmitting medical images.
    • Mobile Streaming, Broadcast, and Communications: Streaming, broadcast, and communication services on mobile platforms.
    • Real-time Conversational Services: Tools like videoconferencing, videophones, and telepresence for live interactions.
    • Remote Video Surveillance: Cloud-based storage and management of video surveillance data.
    • Storage Media: Data storage and backup solutions incorporating various storage media technologies.
    • Wireless Display: Technology for wirelessly transmitting display signals in home and commercial setups.
  9. Licensing of AETERNAL UHD Ultra High Definition TV, 3D VR AR XR, AI Server Environments

    • Multi-Dimensional UHD Digital Environment: Licensing of the AETERNAL XHD Extreme Multi-Dimension UHD Ultra High Definition Environment, featuring state-of-the-art 3D logo integration in VR, AR, and XR.
    • Hardware Environment Design and Installation: Comprehensive services in hardware environment design and installation for VR, AR, and XR applications.
    • Customizable and Scalable Solutions: Highly customizable and scalable environment, suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Advanced Integration Capabilities: Fluid interaction between digital and physical elements for an engaging ultra-high-definition experience.

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    Below Are Additional Services We Provide:

    UHDTV Cloud Hosting

    We offer some of the fastest 4K Video Content Delivery capabilities available on the web today. Our 4K UHDTV Videos can be streamed live or played back VOD Video On Demand on slow internet speeds even over Satellite signals as low as 1 Mbps internet connection speeds!

    WiMax & WiFi

    WiMax & WiFi Systems and standards are growing rapidly and Energy Wave has offers the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective WiMax and WiFi systems available on the market. We can custom design your personal or business high-speed local area and wide area gateway networks ranging from 300 to 900 feet to 5 to 20-mile areas. Our system performs at over 1 Gigabit Speed ideal for transmitting HD video and sending large data files quickly and securely over your private network.

    Renewable Power

    We provide Micro Hydrogen Power Stations under a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement.  The Hydrogen Power Stations are installed and located close to where electricity is used (e.g., a home or business), providing an alternative to or an enhancement of the traditional electric power grid. Our systems offer overall power operational costs, higher service reliability, high power quality, increased energy efficiency, zero carbon emissions, and energy independence.

    Energy Storage

    Our energy storage solutions are leading edge battery and ultracapacitor energy storage technologies. We customize each energy storage system to meet your power requirements.  We can provide portable energy storage, residential, commercial, and industrial-size energy storage solutions. Each Energy Wave Storage Solution is built and delivered with a battery management system and all necessary cabling and adaptions based on your custom needs.

    Advanced Water Systems

    We provide water systems for various applications; desalination, water filtration, structures watered and air to water generation systems.  Each system is customized based on our customer’s needs and requirements. We can design micro water systems for residential commercial to industrial size systems.   Water is key to sustaining all life and that is why water is a key technology deployment priority for Energy Wave.

    Vertical Aero-Ponic Systems

    Our exclusive Aero-Ponics growing technology can be used to grow any type of vegetable or plant, greens, lettuce, tomato, herbs, potatoes, hemp, and any form of cannabis. Our Aero-Ponics grow facilities are the most energy-efficient systems available on the market today combining advanced proven water technologies, frequency technologies, multi-stage filtration systems, energy-efficient lighting, misting technology, automated management, food injection, renewable power, and control systems.

    Solar Power Systems

    We can custom design your Solar PV Array to custom fit your budget and needs for any residential, commercial or industrial grid size projects. Energy Wave offers a full line of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar photo voltaic cells for permanent and portable use.  Most of the solar panels we sell are manufactured by Sun-Power. We also offer customized portable solar generators.

    Custom Hemp and Super Food Manufacturing

    Contact us for custom manufacturing of nano water soluble super-foods, oil tinctures, capsules, skin care products, fresh squeezed juices, infused drinks or other hemp products.